​​​​​​​​News & Events : Making Our Community A Safe and Decent Place to live, HeidiBe Performing Live @ Citrus Grove 2/11/2017

HeidiBe Performing Live @ Tampa Hunger Relief Concert 1/07/2017 .​

Martin Luther King Dream Big Parade 1/16/2017.



​Martin Luther King Had A Big Dream !

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​​​​​​​ HeidiBe delivers a powerful authentic angelic sound. HeidiBe will be in your city soon, With her fresh New Sound will surely stir up your will to greatness. HeidiBe Is Gifted, Called to uplift you with her precious God given voice. Clearly HeidiBe has a testimony to share with you, about how she overcome battles with Drugs and alcohol. Renewing her mind with the word of god, Changed her way of thinking. Recently while being Interviewed @ Christian radio wrxb HeidiBe stated " How Could I Serve the people who Love Our Father In Heaven.

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